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Some Of This Is All True PAPERBACK


A bathroom needs a book and this one is perfect for every occasion.. What better way to freak out your family than them hearing your loud laughter coming from the bathroom.

The refreshing and thought provoking pages of “Some of This Is All True” run the gamut from mildly humorous to wildly outrageous. Based largely on the sideways thinking and social misbehaviors of its author, you will benefit from smiles, chuckles and gut busting laughter.

0-time Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter/author, Howlin' Alan, takes you on a ride along of short adventures and drops you off thoroughly entertained, while sharing a few of your favorite things: music, pets, sports, shopping, travel and entertainment. For further amusement, he includes a smattering of photographs he’s taken along the way, captioned, of course.

During test marketing and promotions, these comments were gathered.
“Some Of This Is All True” is a simply wonderful adventure into the mind of an imbecile. – Psychology Today
“A definite must-read” – said The New York Times (discussing some other book)
“If dogs could read they would chase down the author.” – Pet Magazine
“Honey, I found another book for the fireplace.” – Numerous spouses
“I’m not ashamed to say, this is the funniest book I have ever read.” - Anonymous
“One can only hope there is not a sequel.” – Only those polled

The perfect gift for that quirky cousin, zany mother-in-law, goofy uncle, Secret Santa, etc...

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